Career In Yacht Sales

A Career In The Marine Industry As A Professional Yacht Broker  

Have you ever thought about a career as a Yacht Broker or in Yacht Sales?  A career selling boats and yachts? There has never been a better time to think about your new career. The economy is improving and there is much pent up demand. Boat and yacht buying is alive and well. The Internet has transformed yacht sales and yacht brokerage into a year round profession with sales opportunities in both domestic and global markets.

  • Quality of life and lifestyle
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Flexible schedule
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Ongoing free training and coaching

If you have been recently down sized or thinking of new options for your life, a career in yacht sales and yacht brokerage with Robert Christopher Yacht Sales can be a life changing experience. If you are ready for a new direction in life, this position could be it!  And one of the great things about your new career is, it is portable. You can do business wherever you have a cell phone and a laptop with you.  Domestic and international yacht brokers have the ability to earn a six figure income and an extraordinary lifestyle.


A position with our organization in yacht brokerage and yacht sales is indisputable one of the most exciting career in America. We have positions for both experienced brokers and new brokers just entering into the marine industry.  If you are qualified and at a crossroads in your life and if you would like to make your passion your profession, we can show you the way.  You can become a professional yacht broker through our training, coaching and mentoring.  And if you are an existing yacht broker you can transition in virtually overnight.


We have the finest and most complete  " GOLD CUP" training program in the industry. With almost forty years of marine industry experience we have the finest and most in depth training progrma found anywhere.  At present there are twenty-three chapters and expanding.  Our training is applied as follows.

  •     Written materials emailed to you
  •     Conference calls
  •     In Person training
  •     One on one coaching and mentoring
  •     Regular company and industry updates

This is availble to all our brokers and staff and is ongoing on a weekly and monthly basis. This is genuinely part of our company culture.  The few other companies in America that offer training can range from $4000 to over $35,000.



All applicants should have good computer skills, a business and sales background, some boating experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. You must be professional in both appearance and demeanor and articulate over the phone and in correspondence.  You must be able to work on your own and also follow proven training and sales strategies and tactics and produce measurable results within our organization.  There is no ceiling on income levels and you will be able to quickly grow into international sales.

Contact RCYS:

If you are serious about a career change we would like to speak with you as soon as possible.  Please include contact information, experience and your area location with any request for information. We would also appreciate you embedding your contact information or resume in your email to expedite the process.  We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working together. Contact RCYS today and if you qualify you can begin selling boats and yachts and begin your new career.

*Veterans will be given extra consideration.

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Broker Testimonials

"The training program at Robert Christopher Yachts Sales (RCYS) is top notch.  Under the direction and supervision of Mr. Robert Milano, the program provides its participants with a road map for success.  Developed over many years the program draws on the experience and expertise of Mr. Milano and his team, all of whom are leaders in the marine industry.

From the new broker orientation (Yacht Broker 101) to weekly interactive training forums, the program provides broker support every step of the way.  Mr. Milano’s teaching style is interactive and engaging, and he supports and encourages broker feedback and participation.  The course materials are written in an easy to follow format.  The program is well designed, concise and highly organized.  Moreover, complex forms are streamlined for ease of completion.   

Although I am a seasoned real estate transaction specialist, I am new to the marine industry.  By applying and integrating the RCYS protocols discussed in the training program into my day to day business operations, I am confident I will hone my yacht sales skills and become a competent, successful professional yacht broker." -Ann Marie Nista, Esq.

"I would first off like to say that I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work with Robert Christopher yacht Brokerage, to find a Yacht Brokerage that is willing to train and guide you to become a successful Yacht broker is a very rare find, this was an opportunity that I could not let slip by. Bob has been a really great support, never once have I felt left in the dark, he is always there to answers my questions, as well as our trainings are full of so much useful information to keep us on the right track, I am confident that I will be the best at my career because I have the best leaders guiding my way." -​​Tonya Sanchez

"Robert Christopher Yacht Sales provides excellent training in yacht brokerage.  I appreciate the organized, thorough and patient approach.  Mr. Milano uses to teach the skills necessary to be a yacht broker. In a short time I have learned how to acquire listings and market vessels  through write-ups, photos, and assessing the market. I have learned how to prepare for showings, evaluate the needs of buyers and sellers and utilize negotiation skills. 

The business knowledge  in yacht brokerage I have accrued in the last few months has been truly amazing. I recognize that these skills also transfer into other areas of my life.  I am more competent  and confident in communication, problem solving and business management now.  Mr. Milano acknowledges all accomplishments and provides the encouragement you need to persevere in a competitive business. He is very accessible and helpful.  Weekly brokerage meetings via phone conferencing are stimulating and fun.   I highly recommend Yacht Brokerage 101 through Robert Christopher Yacht Sales." -Lindsey N.

"I was very excited when I first saw the Robert Christopher ad and applied for this position. I have to say I have not been disappointed. I have been lucky or blessed to be able to work with Bob myself. He is a wealth of knowledge , patience and ability. He has been a great resource for me and has led me to the answers to all of my questions. The program and resources are wonderful and what a great group of individuals to deal with. Thank you." -Tim A.

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks for always being willing to field my calls and help me through the transition of getting to know the industry. You are a positive motivator and should know your efforts and willingness to help “The Rookie” are appreciated." -Jeremy F.

"I have completed the attached YB 101 and they were awesome. I especially liked "Be successful, prosper and celebrate your wins. Forget your loses and keep making friends along the way" and "There is no traffic jam on the extra mile" words and a philosophy of life, state of being to live by." -Mike M.

"I think that it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Most brokerage firms require you to have several years experience. I only started less than a month ago and am now starting to make calls. The training is awesome!" -Melanie M.

"I've learned more in two weeks than I learned in two months at my last yacht brokerage house. The training is great." -Don V.


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