RCYS A Veterans Owned Company




Our family, founders, owners, management and many of our brokers and staff have proudly served and defended our country over the last 75 years.  Our family has served over many generations, since WWII, and the far corners of the world including the South Pacific, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia.  


Our family and brokers have served in theaters of operations in 

* WW II, the Pacific, Europe, the North Atlantic and North Africa

* Korea

* Vietnam

* The Gulf War

* Iraq

* Afghanistan 

​* Somalia 

* Embassies Around The World


We open our doors widely to any Veteran who is looking to re-enter the work force or may simply need to discuss his or her career options.  We are proud that we also currently have active duty military on staff.   RCYS has a program for active military personnel wanting a career in the marine industry as they look forward to their separation.  Or if you would like a part time virtual partnership or involvement to supplement your military salaries please contact us.  RCYS also has a retired Marine Corps Officer employed by Morgan Stanley who is happy to discuss all aspects of returning to civilian life and the transitions our Veterans endure.  In his position at Morgan Stanley he can also discuss finances and personal investing as you re-enter the work force and civilian live.  We encourage any Veteran or their family to contact us concerning career options.  

Our Mission:

Our continuing mission is to offer  vibrant career path opportunities and possibilities  to as many American Veterans as possible. 


Simply contact RCYS immediately and please indicate that you are an American Veteran and branch of service. We will prioritize your application or arrange for a simple discussion about a career possibility.

To all who served, from a grateful Nation and from everyone here at Robert Christopher Yacht Sales, we thank you for your service to our country. 



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