The undersigned, herein known as the seller, agrees to the following terms and conditions.

(1)   RCYS As The Listing Agent: The seller will make the vessel available for showing at reasonable times and will sell the vessel if the asking price is offered. The seller may elect to accept a lower offer. Robert Christopher Yacht Sales (RCYS), is recognized as the broker and as the Central Listing Agent. The seller has not signed an “exclusive or central listing” with any other broker, boatyard, or marina, and will inform RCYS before doing so.

RCYS will process all offers or inquiries from other brokers or individuals, and will provide sales information and listing sheets. Owner will provide the broker copies of ownership documents, registration, documentation, title, etc.

(2)   Commission: Seller agrees to pay a commission of 10% of the gross selling price to RCYS if they first introduce the buyer. The minimum commission is $1500. There will be a closing and processing fee of $85 to $125 due at closing to cover the cost of bills of sale, notary, statements, office disbursements, postage handling, and other related closing costs. All International transactions will include a $150.00 C&P Fee. RCYS will also handle and resolve any broker or buyer related brokerage fee claims resulting from the sale of the vessel. RCYS is authorized to accept deposits and payments on behalf of the seller. RCYS may also hold all such funds as a deposit until the final closing and to deduct monies owed for commissions or any other charge incurred by the seller to RCYS, its agents or others connected with this sale. If the seller engages a sale within one year of the date of any cancellation, if the vessel is sold, transferred, charters, trades, conveys the vessel to another party introduced by or has information provided by the broker, the full commission shall be due and payable and the seller will pay the broker the appropriate commission, as per the above terms and conditions herein.

(3)   Private Sale: If seller introduces buyer to RCYS broker or sells vessel privately, a reduced commission of 5% will be paid to RCYS as central listing agent at closing. All balances 30 days past due will incur a 1.5% per month interest charge. Seller is responsible for attorney’s collection fees and cost of collection for all outstanding fees and balances.

(4)   Representation: Seller understands that RCYS is acting as a representative of the buyer and/or seller and in no way represents the vessel or its condition or any liens or encumbrances thereof. No warranties are made, either expressed or implied as to the condition of this vessel. It is understood that the broker’s sole responsibility is to introduce buyer and seller. The seller represents that they have the legal right to sell the listed vessel. The Seller will disclose to the broker any major repair issue and if there is any outstanding loan or lien on the vessel.

(5)   Length of Agreement: This central listing agreement will run for an initial eight (8) months and will automatically renew unless RCYS is notified in writing of intended cancellation. Any cancellation will be effective ninety (90) days following RCYS receipt of written notification. RCYS representation of the vessel as for sale during this period will continue.

(6)   Miscellaneous: If the listed vessel is stored at any of the RCYS designated facilities the seller agrees to pay the prevailing slip storage fee and adhere to all the regular marina rules and by-laws. RCYS reserves the right to display a “for sale” brokerage sign on board the vessel so long as this is permitted by the marina where  it is stored.   The continued maintenance, transportation and insurance is at the cost of the owner. Equipment or personal possessions on board that the seller does not plan to sell with the vessel should not be included on the listing form. Seller must provide a list of items not included and must list all inoperable equipment as such. No changes are allowed on this page. Changes or modifications must be attached on a separate page and must be in writing. E-signatures, Fax or scans acceptable.

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