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Why list your boat with robert christopher yacht sales?


RCYS has been in yacht brokerage for over forty years.  We are primarily a yacht brokerage. 
And that is what we specialize in. Seven days a week year after year.  


If you are considering selling your boat or yacht we have a continual flow of inquires and buyers for quality boats and yachts of all sizes, both power and sail, both domestically and world wide.   Our buyers come from all over the country and include foreign buyers and we have a much larger reach than smaller firms or a private individual trying to sell their boat on their own. Shipping to virtually anywhere is a simple phone call away for most buyers.  Our brokerage professionals will assist you in the entire listing and selling process.  The best time to list your boat is the first time you even consider it.  We have thousands of satisfied RCYS clients that follow us going back over forty years. For your convenience see below to Quick List your boat or yacht. RCYS will contact you immediately.


Heres what we can do:

  • Create a professional listing.
  • Assess a fair market value to establish a fair and competative price.
  • Advise you on best methods for you as the seller to help sell your vessel.
  • Display your vessel in major online MLS Industry systems. We are a member of the Yachtworld network, the largest MLS system in the world. We were an early adopter of the online media for boat and yacht sales.
  • Social Media:  we rely heavily in Social Medias including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Feature Boat Mailing List:  We have a weekly mailout of feature boats to thousands of qualified RCSY family of buyers and sellers.
  • The RCYS Network of brokers:  We have a large network of RCYS professional yacht brokers in seventeen states.
  • RCYS Is a member in good standing of the YachtCloser Network which will produce required industry documents for the purchase and sale and all closing documents.
  • Marine Financing:  We work with a number of primary marine finance companies and will ssist buyers in obtaining financing at competitive rates to help make your vessel a more attractive boat or yacht purchase.
  • Marine  Insurance:  RCYS will assist in recomending insurance providers and having the insurance bound at the appropriate time.
  • Marine Documentation:  RCYS will assist along with in the documentation process.
  • Survey:  RCYS will assist in surveyor recomendations and cooridination during the survey process.  We will also negotiate and challenges discovered to keep your transaction moving forward.
  • Shipping:  RCYS will assist in arranging shipping domestically and worldwide.
  • Closings:  RCYS will do a professional closing through the YachtCloser system .  We will orchestrate a professional closing to insure both buyer and seller protection. 
  • RCYS will Advertise and market your vessel domestically in all major markets and internationally around the world.
  • Yacht Video:  In many cases RCYS will produce a yacht video. Yacht videos and slide shows are a very effective way to expand your marketing reach.
  • If appropriate and at the proper time we may suggest our RCYS Yacht Auction Process.
  • RCYS has forty years of experience in all phases of selling your boat or yacht.  We are agressive.  And we are proud that we can make our experience work for you.
  • There is no up front charge for listing your vessel. We only get paid if we sell your boat.
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We want your listing!  Please fill in the basic information below and one of our professional yacht brokers will contact you as soon as possible to continue the listing process.  Our listing agreement complies with Yacht World MLS and industry standards for co-brokerage cooperation around the world.  A professional yacht broker from our staff, usually someone in your region, will contact you and discuss appropriate pricing, condition of your vessel and our advertising and  marketing strategy. We are one of the oldest and largest yacht brokerages in America. We want to make your selling experience fun, profitable and easy to obtain the best results for you and your family.  And when it comes time for you to come back to boating and begin looking for your next perfect boat or yacht we will be here to help in any way possible.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office seven days a week.


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